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EVENT&INFORMATION event & information

It is release memory mini-stage meet-and-greet event & 2 shot shooting meeting to Kaori Mizumori "flower, Lake Shikotsu blooming in water"                              
STREET SNAP IN Rera                              
[RENEWAL OPEN] Z Factory 2nd label                
It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you                             
[NEW OPEN] Krispy Kreme Doughnuts            
AGE for free measurement society                              
Kebab paradise                       
BIC Mamoudzou pie                       

It is release memory mini-stage meet-and-greet event & 2 shot shooting meeting to Kaori Mizumori "flower, Lake Shikotsu blooming in water"

Sunday, November 25, 2018
★We are planned in particular "Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you"★
Kaori Mizumori of enka ballad singer appears in rera!

To "flower, Lake Shikotsu to bloom in water" in commemoration of release
We hold mini-stage & meet-and-greet event, 2 shot shooting party.

[venue] : Rera Atrium special stage
[time] : 14:00 ...

CD sale time: Begin to sell in Rera Atrium sale special space from 10:00, by buyer priority
      We distribute "priority seat area taking a seat ticket". Is the buyer first arrival for priority in one stood in line; taking a seat ticket
       I hand. Please see taking a seat ticket about entrance method to priority seat area.

[participation method]
●We give product and privilege ticket which he/she purchased in CD sale venue on the day of the event of the same number.
 We give participation in meet-and-greet event and handwriting signature colored paper and privilege A2 poster (three kinds of random) by one piece of purchase.
 By two pieces of purchase to 2 shot shooting society can participate. Two pieces of those who wish to participate lift one piece of 2 shot shooting ticket at the time of the purchase.
 When he/she receives 2 shot shooting ticket, we give colored paper and A2 poster for the number of sheets that he/she purchased.

※Person participating in 2 shot shooting party look at the following <about 2 shot shooting society>.

[about 2 shot shooting society]
★Type A to 3/20 release "flower, Lake Shikotsu blooming in water" or type B,
 Type C, D, E to 7/25 release "flower, Lake Shikotsu blooming in water,"
 In one that purchased 10/17 release CD of "flower, special board which bloomed in water winter to Lake Shikotsu", total cassette either two pieces,
 I hand 2 shot shooting ticket.

★Customer participating in "2 shot shooting party" is you by all means
 Please offer shooting apparatus (digital camera, cell-phone).
 As for 2 shot shooting, the event staff takes shooting apparatus of customer and photographs.

★Our event staff does not prepare shooting machinery and tools.
 When there is not shooting apparatus, please note that you cannot participate in shooting party.

●Only one that he/she purchased in event conduct shop on the day of the event applies to meet-and-greet event, 2 shot shooting society.

●It becomes 2 shots with one piece of 2 shot shooting ticket. When water forest including couple or parent and child is three people to include and is photographed
 Two pieces of 2 shot shooting tickets are necessary, but shooting should be once.

●Carrying over to other venues cannot speak "privilege ticket" and "2 shot shooting ticket".
●Please note that reproduction, copying of "privilege ticket" and "2 shot shooting ticket" become invalid when impossibility is found out.


※Please refrain from jikomi of shooting apparatus during event, recording, recording apparatus. Shooting, recording, recording is put under ban entirely.
※Sponsors such as accident or theft that we occurred do not take responsibility at all without obeying instructions of person in charge and Notice in the outside in venue.
 Valuables each; please manage by each person by all means.
※Of the middle of the night, early morning around venue stay overnight, place collecting by sit-in on the day,
 We prohibit in other customers and store of the circumference coming to trouble.

※By the situation such as weather, means of transportation, it may become change, cancellation of event contents. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


Sunday, November 25
Street snap shooting society holding of mom!

Street snap to introduce stylish mom going to town under the theme of "gusset shines if mom shines" to. Is wonderful encounter waiting if we go to rera with parent and child matching style?

On the day mother model calls out to stylish mom in venue as the staff and performs snap taking picture of MOTHER. (ten sets of selection-limited)

Toward the model who participated in shooting...
・We publish in site of MOTHER as mother model!
・We hand publication data of snapshot left in memory free!
・There are participation in COMMUNITY or various privileges, too.

Shooting from 12:00 to 16:00
Talent scout from 12:00 to 15:00

・Stylish mom with child
・One that is available for shooting, publication with child
・MOTHER which can approve of purpose

Rera Dome, Rera Square, Rera Atrium neighborhood

Street snap mother of mom

[RENEWAL OPEN] Z Factory 2nd label

Friday, November 16, 2018 ...
Select shop "Z Factory 2nd label" of popular brand renovates handling brand and is reopened.

We start the handling of famous fast fashion brand from Spain proud of the overwhelming popularity.
We provide at handy price only by outlet price.

Business Section: 235 Section
Hours: 10:00am to close
※I am so sorry, but Thursday, November 15 should be shop holiday for reopening preparations. We would like to approve beforehand.

It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you

Every month last Saturday and Sunday (November 24, 2018, 25th)
In commemoration of the thirteenth anniversary of the opening of rera, NEW releases advantageous event for areas that supported rera from neighborhood for a long time!

"Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you!"

(1) We present "rerakupon" where discount can buy proof (driver's license, health insurance card) that is Chitose citizen by the presentation in each participation shop!

(2) Furthermore! On the day it is the receipt & Epos Card presentation of purchase more than 1,000 yen
We present nice "life miscellaneous goods" if we meet!

Information in held place Rera Atrium
Reception hours 10:00 - closure
Held schedule 11/24.25 (Saturday and Sunday last on the end of the month)

[NEW OPEN] Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Friday, October 19, 2018 ...
Doughnut brand "Krispy Kreme Doughnuts" from the United States to send doughnut experience "greatest in" to opens in Chitose rera.

"Original gurezudo Ⓡ" of constant seller popularity that we continued making with recipe not to change from 1937,
Melty melting texture and taste are attractive in mouth softly gently.
Doughnut of fresh one can enjoy hot taste warmly.

Production machine which eat-in space is available, and is used in the own country United States
It is completely equipped with doughnut theater where you can see state that the staff handcrafts doughnut.
※Because congestion is expected, we remove eat-in space for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.

You share a wonderful time to be used to smile at moment when we opened box in family and friends, and please enjoy.

Business Section: 1220 Section
Hours: 10:00am to close


2018/11/ 24.25
To chicken which we soaked in several kinds of spice by original combination overnight,
Rice & beans which we cooked with coconut milk, vegetables of product in way,
Cheese using two kinds of Gouda and Cheddar,
Burrito of BURITTERS which we put specialty original sauce and wrapped entirely.

With canned 500 ml approximately of the size is voluminous feel heavily.
Please appreciate by all means.

Original Burrito 500 yen
Avocado salsa Burrito 600 yen

Branch place: Rera Square
Hours: From 11:00 to 17:00

AGE for free measurement society

"AGE" much-talked-about in the now medical industry, beauty industry
AGE which was introduced by TBS "door of dream" "classes that we wanted to take world's most."
Aging material which is included a lot in part that this AGE became light brown of toast and part which burnt of meat!
It causes stain and somberness of skin and health problem.
We measure AGE, and let's check aging!

The measurement is easy!
Without pain, we can measure internal age in approximately three minutes.
Measurement expense at hospitals is usually approximately 7,000 yen - around 10,000 yen.
We carry out free today.

We will measure AGE by all means to be healthy, and to spend time youthfully forever.
We look forward to coming of everybody in measurement venue.

Holding place: Rera Atrium
Holding time: From 10:00 to 17:00

Kebab paradise

2018/11/ 24.25
Please enjoy with hot, cajoling words sauce you like.

Kebab pita: 550 yen kebab lap: 550 yen

Branch place: Rera Dome
Hours: From 10:00 to 18:00

BIC Mamoudzou pie

2018/11/ 24.25
We can enjoy with a choice of pie which we displayed cutely.

Meat pie 300 yen
Beef pie 330 yen
Cheese pie 320 yen
Chocolate pie 220 yen
Blueberry pie 240 yen

Branch place: Rera Dome
Hours: From 11:00 to 18:00