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Shuttle bus approximately ten minutes free from It's a 3 minutes' walk from the JR Minami-Chitose Station / New Chitose Airport

EVENT&INFORMATION event & information

rera ⇔ ice wave Festival venue for free roundtrip going straight bus                         
It is lottery Gara pop                              
STREET SNAP IN Rera                               
It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you                              
It is issue ... ... that we can go around the city casually in winter round and round Chitose
Kebab paradise                    

rera ⇔ ice wave Festival venue for free roundtrip going straight bus

From Friday, January 25, 2019 to Sunday, February 17
We make a round trip free, and rerarappingubasu travels to Lake Shikotsu ice wave Festival venue starting on Friday, January 25.

Period 1/25 - 2/17
Service diamond
From 11:15 rera → Arrival at 12:15 ice wave Festival venue
From 13:45 ice wave Festival venue → Arrival at 14:45 rera
(there is possibility that delay produces by traffic condition)

※We do not accept reservation. It becomes first-come-first-served basis.
※We wait after the arrival in ice wave Festival venue for one hour 30 minutes at 12:15.
※Fare becomes free.
※GATE1 in rera building becomes stop.
※During the period mentioned above, going straight bus between Sapporo rera runs as usual, too.

It is lottery Gara pop

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 27th Sunday
It is challenge Gara by notice for information in Rera Atrium with purchase receipts (possible adding up) more than 3,000 yen (tax-included) on that day pop in lottery!

In addition, +1 time can challenge by Epos Card notice.
Chance when luxurious premium is.

The date and time: 1/26, 1/27
Place: Information in Rera Atrium
Time: 10:00am to close

The first prize: ABC-Mart Chitose rera shop
   It is two shoes tickets for 20,000 yen
The second prize: Tully's Coffee
   It is ten people for prepaid card 1,000 yen
The third prize: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
   30 original gurezudo one presents

※Only receipt on the day is effective, and adding up is possible


Sunday, January 27
Street snap shooting society holding of mom!

Street snap to introduce stylish mom going to town under the theme of "gusset shines if mom shines" to. Is wonderful encounter waiting if we go to rera with parent and child matching style?

On the day mother model calls out to stylish mom in venue as the staff and performs snap taking picture of MOTHER. (ten sets of selection-limited)

Toward the model who participated in shooting...
・We publish in site of MOTHER as mother model!
・We hand publication data of snapshot left in memory free!
・There are participation in COMMUNITY or various privileges, too.

Shooting from 12:00 to 16:00
Talent scout from 12:00 to 15:00

・Stylish mom with child
・One that is available for shooting, publication with child
・MOTHER which can approve of purpose

Rera Dome, Rera Square, Rera Atrium neighborhood

Street snap mother of mom

It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you

Every month last Saturday and Sunday (January 26, 2019, 27th)
In commemoration of the thirteenth anniversary of the opening of rera, NEW releases advantageous event for areas that supported rera from neighborhood for a long time!

"Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you!"

(1) We present "rerakupon" where discount can buy proof (driver's license, health insurance card) that is Chitose citizen by the presentation in each participation shop!

(2) Furthermore! On the day it is the receipt & Epos Card presentation of purchase more than 1,000 yen
We present nice "life miscellaneous goods" if we meet!

Information in held place Rera Atrium
Reception hours 10:00 - closure
Held schedule 12/26.27 (Saturday and Sunday last on the end of the month)

It is issue ... ... that we can go around the city casually in winter round and round Chitose

From Thursday, December 27, 2018 to Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Make a round trip of famous place in Chitose-shi; issue starts this year in winter round and round Chitose. Let's enjoy the Chitose city on bus which we can take comfortably free!

Service schedule: 12/27 - 3/6
rera platform: The New Chitose Airport line free of charge shuttle bus stop rear

※Delay may occur by weather at the time.
※We would like inquiry about bus to north Snow land.
※About Hours of each facility, I would like inquiry in each facility.
※About north Snow land, we may change business period, time by the snow situation.

Kebab paradise

2019/1/ 26.27
Please enjoy with hot, cajoling words sauce you like.

Kebab pita: 550 yen kebab lap: 550 yen

Branch place: Rera Dome
Hours: From 10:00 to 18:00