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EVENT&INFORMATION event & information

rera de previewing of a horse to be entered in a race                              
It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you                              
[RENEWAL OPEN] HOKKAIDO Souvenir Shop                  
[NEW OPEN] SUPER SPORTS XEBIO                     
[NEW OPEN] Right-On                     
[NEW OPEN] tempyuru ®                            
FAMILY FASHION WEEK                 
reragemukyarakutaguzzushoppu 2              
Camp ... of reraramen Festival ... summer                
Labyrinth series lateral biography 1✖7 [one by seven] period extension business decision!                         
SHOP "Luxor" for a limited time re-OPEN                       
AGE for free measurement society                             
Ball pool                       
Kebab paradise                       
BIC Mamoudzou pie                       

rera de previewing of a horse to be entered in a race

Saturday, July 28, 2018, 29th Sunday
Classic event of rera which can experience horseback riding in hall where we made use of environment of open mall in. It is periodical this year
We do in this!

Holding place: In front of COACH
Holding time: From 12:00 to 17:00
※Please note that you may cancel in rainy day.


Saturday, July 28, 2018, 29th Sunday
Handstand art, Balance art, acrobatics, tightrope walking and muscle! We hang all, and HERO "Naoder7" protecting everybody comes up this year in rera.
We are angry at rope and fight against Godzilla! Only one hero show that beholder wants to support unintentionally.

It is ・・ with Naoder7
Hero who wins in various street performance contests, and is playing an active part in event of each places of the whole country.

Event place: Open space in front of SORA kitchen
Event time: ①12:30 ~,② 14:00 ~,③ 15:30 ...
Event period: 7/28, 29, 8/11 - 8/15, 8/19
※It should be cancellation in case of rain.

It is Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you

Every month last Saturday and Sunday (July 28, 2018, 29th)
In commemoration of the thirteenth anniversary of the opening of rera, NEW releases advantageous event for areas that supported rera from neighborhood for a long time!

"Thanksgiving Day to 1000-year-old all of you!"

(1) We present "rerakupon" where discount can buy proof (driver's license, health insurance card) that is Chitose citizen by the presentation in each participation shop!

(2) Furthermore! On the day it is the receipt & Epos Card presentation of purchase more than 1,000 yen
We present nice "life miscellaneous goods" if we meet!

Information in held place Rera Atrium
Reception hours 10:00 - closure
Held schedule 7/28.29, 8/25.26 ... (Saturday and Sunday last on the end of the month)


Wednesday, July 18, 2018
General souvenir shop "HOKKAIDO Souvenir Shop" to have from Hokkaido celebrity famous confection to local cake widely is 7/18 reopening. Advantageous sale now being held that up to 30% of some products in shop become OFF as renewal memory!

Business Section: 835
Hours: 10:00am to close


Saturday, July 21, 2018
Store specializing in large-scale sports "Super SUports Xebio" to unfold in the whole country comes up!
Popular sports brand "NIKE," "OAKLEY" is bargain in item to enjoy sports from wear of "duarigu" for summer to golf club, golf wear, trekking wear in the present season "under Armour"; assortment of goods.
Popular items of outlet price are varied.

Business Section: 1400 Section
Hours: 10:00am to close

[NEW OPEN] Right-On

Saturday, July 21, 2018
We select sense of fun and discerning brand centering on authentic original wear miscellaneous goods to Levi's, jeans and that of famous brand including G-Star RAW.
We suggest casual fashion to be able to enjoy in family at outlet price.

Business Section: 870 Section
Hours: 10:00am to close

[NEW OPEN] tempyuru ®

July 28, 2018
Sound sleep burandotempyuru ® "born in" North Europe

tempyuru ® was born in country Sweden of the welfare. It begins for pillow series that would spread the name of tempyuru ® in the world and mattress bed cushions open variously, and "comfort" is sold in higher than world approximately 90 countries and is acquiring evaluation and trust that are high as sound sleep brand "of" world now.
We treat a lot of outlet limitation products.

Hours: 10:00 - closure
Section number: 400 Section


From Tuesday, July 17, 2018 to Friday, August 3
Advantageous period to become 10% OFF at the time of request when expected to pay in rerahausukado "Epos Card" at target store. This target store applies to store of fashion brand to be able to enjoy in families. Besides, do you not make at Epos Card of a lot of merits, this opportunity?

Event period: 7/17 - 8/3
Target store
・130 Section GAP
・420 Section EDWIN
・1100 Section BEAMS
・1140 Section HAKKA
・1435 Section howaitoappuru F.O. International
・1440 Section howaitoappuru

※It is for the enrollment on the day of 1, too.
※You may not enroll by rule of 2 Epos Card.
※Part of 3 product, shop which it excludes
But, there is.

reragemukyarakutaguzzushoppu 2

From Saturday, July 14, 2018 to Sunday, August 19
reragemukyarakutaguzzushoppu very popular last time powers up and appears again. Quite popular game "Dragon Warrior," quite popular game characters such as "Super Mario" or "Splatoon" flock in addition to "monster Hunter" "Final Fantasy" this time, too! Besides, we sell "Pocket Monster" and goods of "kabii of star".
As for the display of kabii of big size more than 1m in height! It is game character goods shop largest in the way which can come out simply because it is rera.

Business Section 1660 Section
Hours from 10:00 to 18:00

※Important news
We sincerely apologize without "canned DQ slime sable chocolate-flavored metal slime" in "Dragon Warrior" published in flyer progressing to open in state of non-arrival without the arrival on the day of the event being in time by circumstances, and going along expectation to customer.
There is undetermined place about the arrival, but guides on rera HP and Hakuhinkan Twitter as soon as prospect of the arrival is in sight.

Camp ... of reraramen Festival ... summer

From Saturday, July 14, 2018 to Sunday, July 29
Menu which "gantetsu repeats study and trials for this day and arrived at for a limited time is appearance *shima, empty snow, ramen we run the Shunichis" ramen exhibition 5 store which rera is proud of!
Please appreciate menu of each shop full of fictiveness and orijinaruti at this opportunity. In addition, at store target with privilege ticket which rera insert flyer has as for the privilege!

Event schedule: 7/14 - 7/29
Holding place: Each ramen exhibition store
Participation store menu
*shima "pole, pork bones soy sauce" 850 yen
gantetsu "spicy miso special" 980 yen
Ramen runs; "chilled tantanmen of summer vegetables" 950 yen
Empty snow "pork bones cutlet curry ramen" 900 yen 
Spring family "camp of spring family "summer" sharp taste" 900 yen
※It becomes all tax-included notation.

Labyrinth series lateral biography 1✖7 [one by seven] period extension business decision!

From Friday, July 6, 2018 to Sunday, July 8, from Saturday, July 28 to Sunday, August 19
Extension business is decision because of great popularity escape attraction "1✖7" (one by seven) of super difficulty to advance to space of demystification next in time limits during period!
We subtilize thought to the full, and one where one that we were not able to clear last time challenges newly will aim at the perfection conquest!

Business Section: 1310 Section
Business period: The first 7/6 - 7/8
     The second 7/28 - 8/19
Hours: Weekdays 13:00 ...
     Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00 ...
     [receptionist last at 19:00]
Admission: Of 500 yen per person (as for 3 years old or younger, free)

※1:1 composing ground to three people. More than four people ask for entrance that they are divided.
※Age or younger becomes companion entrance with one adult at 2:3.

SHOP "Luxor" for a limited time re-OPEN

Saturday, June 23, 2018 ...
"Luxor" where Z Factory very popular last time does produce is re-OPEN!
We release product and B product of quite popular brand to handle in Z Factory with 500 yen, 300 yen, three prices of 100 yen very much. By all means this opportunity without passing over!

Business Section: 1620 Section
Hours: From 10:00 to 17:00
Business period: 6/23
※We become sales people only for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
※All the mail insurance becomes tax-excluded

AGE for free measurement society

Sunday, July 8, 2018, 22nd Sunday, 29th Sunday
"AGE" much-talked-about in the now medical industry, beauty industry
AGE which was introduced by TBS "door of dream" "classes that we wanted to take world's most."
Aging material which is included a lot in part that this AGE became light brown of toast and part which burnt of meat!
It causes stain and somberness of skin and health problem.
We measure AGE, and let's check aging!

The measurement is easy!
Without pain, we can measure internal age in approximately three minutes.
Measurement expense at hospitals is usually approximately 7,000 yen - around 10,000 yen.
We carry out free today.

We will measure AGE by all means to be healthy, and to spend time youthfully forever.
We look forward to coming of everybody in measurement venue.

Holding place: Rera Atrium
Holding time: From 11:00 to 18:00

Ball pool

2018/7/ 30.31
※Please note that you may cancel in rainy day.
※It should be break during from 12:00 to 12:30, from 15:00 to 15:30 on weekdays.

Rate: Three minutes 500 yen
Place: Rera Square

Kebab paradise

2018/7/ 28.29
Please enjoy with hot, cajoling words sauce you like.

Kebab pita: 550 yen kebab lap: 550 yen

Branch place: Rera Dome
Hours: From 10:00 to 18:00

BIC Mamoudzou pie

2018/7/ 28.29
We can enjoy with a choice of pie which we displayed cutely.

Meat pie 300 yen
Beef pie 330 yen
Cheese pie 320 yen
Chocolate pie 220 yen
Blueberry pie 240 yen

Branch place: Rera Dome
Hours: From 11:00 to 18:00