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Recruitment of RECRUIT staff

  • CHITOSE Rera Pet Paradise
    • Pets goods
    The type of jobSale and one all areas of our operation manager candidate 
             One general staff
    Duty formPart (there is contract, update during period)
    TimeShift system during from 9:30 to 20:30
    Person who can work more than monthly 120H
    One afternoon shift ta which is available for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays duty
    Person who can work more than 16 days a month
    SalaryGeneral staff 1H900 Japanese yen
    It is 1H1,200 after the manager candidate promotion
    Term of trial around January 1H850 Japanese yen
    There is / employee discount system that there is social insurance / unemployment insurance in
    Parking fee company burden (there is not payment of transportation expenses)
    The person in chargePets paradise manager Ando
    Contact informationTEL0123-26-9171 (store)
    RemarksOne warm welcome that can work for a long term
    One warm welcome that Wangjiang loves
    • Men's ladies'
    The type of jobApparel sales force
    Duty formPart-time job part

    TimeIt is possible than 2~5 2h/day in week
    Salary850 yen - 1,000 yen / hourly wage
    The person in chargeIzawa wish
    Contact informationTEL0143-43-7766 (the headquarters)
    Wednesday regular holiday
  • Gap Outlet
    • Men's ladies' kids
    The type of jobCash register duties / fitting duties
    Stock duties (product rearranging / section changes)
    Duty formPart-time job (high school student possible 18 years old or older)
    Contracted employee (around five days a week, 30-40 a week time)
    TimeWarm welcome to put on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays more than three hours a day more than at least one a week day!
    (shift system during basic duty from 8:30 to 22:00)
    SalaryHourly wage 850 yen ...
    ※Experienced person kind treatment, osodan
    ※There is employee discount system
    kohishikyu (to daily upper limit 1,500 yen)
    Possible car commuting (we pay gasoline cost by our rule)
    The person in chargeTo Ishida (Ishita) / seven (shichinohe)
    Contact information0123-49-2070
    RemarksIs / San Francisco, the United States for 1,969 years; since founding,
    As global casual fashion brand
    American casual that is always real in clean
    It is outlet store of "GAP" which we continue offering♪
    • Men's ladies'
    The type of jobMen's ladies' shirt sale
    Duty formPart-time job (full-time)
    TimeIt is shift system of jitsutsutome 7-8 hours between from 9:45 to 20:15
    Break one hour

    Day, jikanosodan
    SalaryHourly wage 1,000 yen
    The person in chargeFukui, Kamei
    Contact information0123-42-3076
    Please call casually
    RemarksTransportation expenses rule supply
    Employee discount system existence
    Employment workmen's accident compensation insurance existence
    Entering a company shirt one piece donation
    Inexperienced person welcome
    Part-time jobber welcome
    One welcome that can work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
  • M, U sports
    The type of jobGolf wear, sales force of miscellaneous goods
    Duty formPart-time job (more than high-school graduate)
    TimeBetween from 9:30 to 20:15
    Shift system of actual work 5.5 hours ...
    Salary900 yen ...
    ※ Transportation expenses rule supply
    ※ Employee discount system existence
    The person in chargeYamada / Otani
    Contact information0123-22-0550
    RemarksAfter telephone communication, please bring resume

    It is familiar golf shop with characters of cute dog.
    Inexperienced person, please call casually.
    We look forward to!
  • MAX & Co.
    • Ladies'
    The type of jobShort term, long-term part-time job staff urgent recruitment!
    Duty formShort term, long-term part-time job part
    Junior employee
    TimeDuring from 9:45 to 19:00 shift system (osodan)
    During W work, student, foreign student, housewife, housekeeping husband, new college graduate, job hunting, inexperienced person is OK!
    We work only on weekdays or Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and reduced working hours are OK, too!
    SalaryHourly wage 850 yen ~ (inexperienced person)
    Hourly wage 900 yen - 1,000 (experienced person)
    ※There is raise in salary by the duty situation
    The person in chargeSmall fortune
    Contact information0123-40-6120 (sales floor)
    Adoption charge is direct
    RemarksAt first please call!
    By resume bringing, we have an interview immediately!
    ★Parents with their children interview is possible
    Transportation expenses total amount supply
    Achievement of budget bonus
    Beginning of the year allowance
    There is employee sale
    ★Clothes freedom, nail, hair style freedom
    ★2-3 days a week attendance
    ★It is possible for 5-6 hours a day
    Part-time job part holiday 3-4 days (as for the hope, possible)
    ★In addition, we give advice!

    ★★★・・... which MARINARINALDI in ・ facility recruits at the same time★★★
    MAX&Co. expresses individuality with an abundance of original coordinate items with all Collection 6 lines in season. Having 360 stores, it is Italian brand for woman attracting attention as international brand throughout the world◎
    One, overseas brandphilia which ladies' apparel likes or which wanted to work once is shop which is easy to work!
    ◎Regardless of apparel inexperienced ◎ generation, the first one supports good brand and work in shop carefully from the beginning, too!★★★