Year round from 10:00 to 20:00 (by season change existence) ※Certain restaurants 11:00-
Shuttle bus approximately ten minutes free from It's a 3 minutes' walk from the JR Minami-Chitose Station / New Chitose Airport

FACILITY GUIDE facility guidance

We see MAP in hall

Information Counter

Commencing with guidance, inquiry in hall, we are doing summons of lost child or correspondence of lost article.

Place The Rera Atrium
Hours 10:00am to close
Service Free stroller rentals

Automated external defibrillator (AED)
We establish AED (automated external defibrillator) for information in atrium.
We set up in promenade info on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Money Changer
It is available at the time of exchange of paper money.
5,000 yen, 10,000 yen exchanges money by information in atrium.

Foreign currency-adaptive Money Changer
It becomes thing exchanging money into Japanese yen from foreign currency. It supports 12 currencies including the dollar. Correspondence language is Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean.

Rental of wheelchair
We perform rental of wheelchair by information.
We send wheelchair to parking lot if you can call disaster prevention center.
Contact information: rera disaster prevention center 0123-42-4100

Cell-phone battery charger
We offer Cell Phone Charger of pay (20 minutes 100 yen) by information.

Edy charger

Public pay phones

Satellite Information Counter

Open only on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Place No. 1500
Hours 10:00am to 7:00pm (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays only)
Service Free stroller rentals

Rental of wheelchair

To customer with child

There are a lot of facilities for children. Please use.

Free stroller rentals

We perform free stroller rental in Information Counter.

Rate .
Object Within from one month to six months (time when waist does not sit down) /9 kilometer after birth
It is within /15 kilometer for ... 36 months (time after waist sits down) more than six months after birth
Note Please refrain from the use to child excluding about target age, weight. (accident and prevention of injury)
Please list address, full name, phone number of customer in entry column at the time of rental.
For the certification of address, full name, we will have the presentation of paper which public institution including driver's license, health insurance card, Passport issues.
When you lose stroller, please bear indemnity of 54,000 yen. (in the damage point separately burden for repair)
We do not accept reservation
Number includes limit.
Nursing room

Nursing Room partitioned off with curtain has two rooms.
There is diaper switchboard and hot water supply device, too.


・The Rera Atrium
・1510 Section in Kids' Promenade

  • Nursing room
  • Nursing room
Daycare room

Every Tuesday limitation!

Place 735 Section
Time From 11:00 to 18:00
Object 1 year old - around 4 years old (in the case of brothers, there is no age limit)
Rate Until one one hour 500 yen (every 15 minutes 150 yen)
Kids room

It is break room which offered play tool for children.
You can enjoy quite popular Huge Maze free.


The Kids' Promenade side


10:00 - closure

Rest Room, baby room
Place 735 Section
Time 10:00am to close
※It is not available for use of Nursery for from 11:00 to 18:00 every Tuesday.

To customer accompanying Pets

You can enter in Pets Welcome except the store in rera.
In addition, there is store which is available for some companions.

Pet kennel and grooming

We offer shampoo and trimming, Pets hotel. In the case of interval of shopping and trip, it is available.
In addition, please use as there are "discipline" courses.


DOG BOND (1325 Section)


DOG BOND | TEL: 0123-42-1001

Dog terrace

We throw "Dog Terrace" open in food court.
Please enjoy meal with pet dog.


Food court outside terrace


※In food court, there is not menu for Pets.
※Please offer tableware for Pets in customers.
※In the food court, entering a shop of Pets is prohibited. You have you confirm MAP, and please enter from the outside.
※After lead wearing, please use.
※It is closed down in winter during period. Thank you for your understanding.

Dog walking

It is Dog Run which can let you take off reed of pet dog and exercise freely.
※Please note that you clear of snow on the snow sequentially.
※You attach reed to the mall hall by all means, and please enter.
※It is available during period, but may have you close down by weather in winter.


The neighborhood of yellow gate

  • Please refrain from Pets Welcome in store. Please refrain from carrier bag and Pets cart. (we remove some stores.)

  • You have you attach lead by all means, and please have for security as short as possible. Long reed disturbs traffic of other customers and comes to trouble.

  • Guide dog, deaf person's dog, service dog can enter.

  • Tying with to store entrance and tree, fence is not expected. Of owner leaving side by all means hope that there is not.

  • Please handle excrement with responsibility.

  • Prevent you from putting Pets on bench and table.

※About trouble between customers for Pets, our facility cannot take all responsibility.
※I decline entrance to the hall of fierce dog and dangerous animal.
※Please be careful not to bite other Pets and customers enough.
※Ask each restaurant staff about companion to terrace seat of restaurant.
※When it is walked in small passage including arcade in front of the store, I would like consideration to other customers.


There are three places in the hall.


Until Rera Dome inner [Hokkaido Bank ATMs] 19:00
[Epos ATMs] until closure ※Only Japan Post Bank is available for withdrawal

Coin-operated Lockers

I take baggage which does not enter locker in Information Counter. Rate is 500 yen because of one.


The welcome gate
The Rera Atrium


10:00 - closure

Sizes The welcome gate (height X width X depth)
 ・37cm *36cm *42cm (200 yen)
 ・77cm *36cm *42cm (500 yen)

The Rera Atrium (height X width X depth)
 ・37cm *36cm *42cm (200 yen)
 ・42cm *35cm *49cm (200 yen)
 ・50cm *36cm *42cm (300 yen)
 ・77cm *36cm *42cm (500 yen)
 ・113cm *35cm *49cm (500 yen)
 ・82cm *42cm *57cm (500 yen)

FREE Wi-fi

FREE-Wi-fi is available in Chitose Outlet mall, rera.
※It is available in parking lot, restroom, some stores, all areas except periphery.

Terms of Use
・This service is provided free of charge but any fee-based services used while on the Internet must be paid for by the guest.
・At times this service may not be accessible due to device incompatibility, system problems or other reasons.
・Rera cannot be held liable whatsoever for any and all damages or losses incurred as a result of using this service.
・Please abide by laws prohibiting illegal access when using this service.
・Under certain conditions the data transmission speed may be slow.

Taxi corduroy

We establish summons exclusive telephone which leads to Chitose traffic free just to put up receiver.


Information Counter side information corner in Rera Atrium

Prayer Room

We offer "Prayer Room" for customers worshiping during trip. Please use freely.

Available time

10:00am to close