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Shuttle bus approximately ten minutes free from It's a 3 minutes' walk from the JR Minami-Chitose Station / New Chitose Airport


  • Specialty of Kushiro "spa cutlet"

    Specialty of Kushiro "spa cutlet"

  • There is drink station, too.

    There is drink station, too.

  • Foods
Seasonal ingredients of each place in HOKKAIDO SORA kitchen in Hokkaido,
"It is delicious" of Hokkaido including local gourmet
It is food court which we collected.
Let alone customer coming from place just off the road, you can be pleased with local customer
We offer delicious thing of Hokkaido.

[WASHOKU] Japanese dishes
Including bowl which it spills, and is how much which served salmon roe as if we were full of bowls,
As for the seafood bowls of Ryoshi who fully used products of Hokkaido seafood,
We offer taste only in Hokkaido.

[MEAT] Meat dishes
Recommending used beef and pork ground meat of Hokkaido beef and pork
Besides, hamburg dish specially made by SORA kitchen, it is handmade chef
Delicious meat dishes including sausage and bacon are prepared.

[WESTERNFOOD] Western dishes
Including local gourmets such as Seoul foods 〝 spa cutlet "of Kushiro citizen,
Pasta or pizza arranged Hokkaido ingredients into delicious western dishes.

[CURRY] Curry
As for popular gourmet "soup curry" or "tomashomeibutsukitaki curry" of Sapporo dispatch,
We love all to want to eat anytime which anyone wants to eat
Have curry and rice with ingredients of Hokkaido.

[SOBA] Soba
Horokanai-cho that is located at Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Sorachi.
Of Horokanai-cho proud of the best buckwheat production in Japan
We offer various menus using soba which is full of flavors.

[SWEETS] Sweets
Soft serve which made with Hokkaido milk pancake
We use for zenzai.
When we were tired from shopping, we take a short break with delicious sweets.
We started sale of Crape in December.
OPEN TIME11:00 - closing time
Section number525
The number of seats450 seats
Credit cardImpossibility
Smoking sectionEntirely non-smoking
Pets entering a shopImpossibility