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St.Cousair, Fuku Kuze store
  • Meal product sales
From Kitashinano, Iizuna-machi, we are particular about quality, the manufacturing method, raw materials from jam factory, winery and production to sale and handle handmade wine jam pasta sauce, seasoning.

<Fuku Kuze store>
"Delicacy" select shop, it which we collected from all over Japan are Fuku Kuze stores.
Centering on genuine fermentation brewing food including sake, miso, soy sauce, mirin, black vinegar using koji with the history of 1,000 years, we send Japanese dishes culture towards overseas market.

Pets entering a shop: Impossibility
OPEN TIME10:00am to close
Section number760

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  • Blueberry cheesecake

    Blueberry cheesecake

New gelato "blueberry cheesecake"

 Hello, everyone!
It is St.Cousair, Fuku Kuze store Chitose rera shop.

Did you try gelato of new taste yet?
Seasonally limited "blueberry cheesecake"

Full-bodied cream cheese from Australia fuses with Shinshu Kurohime Heights milk,
It became cheesecake gelato of heavy taste.
Cookies and blueberry sauce accentuate, too,
It is gelato of cake sense.
Single 380 yen (tax-included)
Double 480 yen (tax-included)

This which is quite popular among the staff!
One to be seasonally limited is very sad!
It is sale until July in plan, but there is possibility to become the end as soon as we disappear.
Cheesecake enthusiast, blueberry enthusiast! Early meni!
  • Omen Dharma cup 500 yen ∔ tax

    Omen Dharma cup 500 yen ∔ tax

Prettiness "omen Dharma cup" which we want to display

 Hello, everyone!
It is St.Cousair, Fuku Kuze store Chitose rera shop.

It is introduction of pretty miscellaneous goods today♪
Of Mino ware was pretty, and "Dharma cup" had all colors!

In getting up again and again even if defeat vicissitudes of fortune
Dharma of mascot which meaning of perfect state of health and my wife security has
It became pretty cup.
Color is five colors in total.
And, concerning "Dharma," meaning is put in each in cup.

Red → My wife security
White → Accomplishment
Green → Self-realization
Dark blue → Studies, talent factory
Having a latent power → Physical good health

Even if choose with color you like; excellent; do, and is good even if do in present which loaded with meaning of Dharma…
It is good to pretty good present each as it is 500 yen (tax-excluded).

As all colors are equal now
Curious one, please come to the store early.