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News of the latest product for autumn

Hello all of you that you are watching with blog!
It is EDWIN SHOP Chitose store.

September began, and temperature fell little by little, too!
Clothes to wear soon is ... to autumn clothing at time of shift change

This time is this there!
Introduction of the latest "men denim jacket"☆


Color: 956 300 333 346
size: S-XL
price: \ 7,800+Tax

Denim jacket which is good now at time♪
Only put on one piece; easily for autumn coordinates!

As it is put casual nimokireimenimo together
We should be able to enjoy various coordination♪

It is men's development, but is recommended for woman☆
We are pretty when we put together at oversize slowly!

Besides, we offer a lot of bargain products♪
We put together at this opportunity, and how about together?

We look forward to all the visit staff of all of you!
We return to ALL